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Careers in Criminal Investigation

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So you've watched a few true crime documentaries on Netflix over lockdown and fancy yourself a bit of a case cracker? Careers in criminology are an exceedingly popular and contemporary choice for those who enjoy an age old 'Whodunnit'. Recent shows such as The Staircase, Mindhunter, The Tinder Swindler and more have no doubt had an affect on pop culture's understanding and insight into criminology as well as making them utterly binge-worthy.

So who are those that are really responsible for keeping criminals in check and how do you go about doing an uber-cool job like them in the future? Let's check a few out...


Detectives are accredited police officers who work as Serious and Complex Crime Investigators or Specialist Investigators. They're responsible for managing a range of investigations including those concerning robbery, drugs, domestic violence, public and child protection, company fraud, cybercrime, homicide and counter-terrorism.

Crime Scene Investigator

As a crime scene investigator, you'll be involved in securing and protecting crime scenes, and collecting evidence from crime scenes, post-mortems and other incidents, such as fires and suspicious deaths.

You'll also be responsible for processing and categorising evidence so that it can be used in criminal investigations. This might include gathering photographic evidence or physical samples from the scene, such as weapons, fingerprints, clothing or biological evidence.


Solicitors take instructions from clients and advise on necessary courses of legal action. Clients can be individuals, groups, public sector organisations or private companies.

Depending on your area of expertise, you can advise on a range of issues, including:

  • personal issues - buying and selling residential property, landlord and tenant agreements, wills and probate, divorce and family matters, personal injury claims and criminal litigation

  • commercial work - helping new enterprises get established, advising on complex corporate transactions (including mergers and acquisitions) and business-related disputes

  • protecting rights - making sure individuals are treated fairly by public or private bodies and receive compensation if unfairly treated.

Solicitors can specialise in areas including: civil litigation, criminal justice, employment, family, human rights, immigration, property, welfare and tax.

Probation Officer

As a probation officer, you'll work with offenders in courts, in the community and in custody to make communities safer. This involves interacting with offenders, victims, police and prison service colleagues on a regular basis.

You'll work closely with relevant statutory and voluntary agencies and will also manage approved residential premises for offenders and ex-prisoners. In addition, you'll manage and enforce the conditions of community orders, which are an alternative to a prison sentence.

Want to know more?

The University of Law is giving students an opportunity to take part in a Criminal Investigation Day. The Criminal Investigation Day has looked back on some of the most infamous cases in British legal history and this July will be discussing the Tony Martin Case; the shooting of a burglar at a Norfolk farmer’s home.  Was it self defence? Who is the victim? and more.

Students can book an in-person place at one of the 6 campuses via the website or join them online.

  • Nottingham, 5 July 2022, 10am-3pm

  • Birmingham, 6 July 2022, 10am-3pm

  • Guildford, 7 July 2022, 10am-3pm

  • London Bloomsbury, 7 July 2022, 10am-3pm

  • Leeds, 7 July 2022, 10am-3pm

  • Manchester, 14 July 2022, 10am-3pm

  • Online, 20 July 2022, 10am-3pm

Click here for more info.

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