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Independent training providers: the alternative you’re looking for?

Independent training providers: the alternative you’re looking for?
Did you know that apprenticeships and training courses are available through ‘independent training providers’ (ITPs) as well as through an employer or further education college? 

What are ITPs? They areusually privately-owned, mostly profit-making companies, though many run on a not-for-profit basis.

How do they work? On site, through online/distance learning, by a tutor or assessor visiting the workplace, or through ‘block release’ where an apprentice travels occasionally to a training centre for a concentrated period of classroom study (as opposed to a weekly day release typically happens via a local college).
Where are they?
We don’t have many ITPs with physical training centres in Bucks, but we do have over 150 ‘out of area’ providers delivering apprenticeship training locally. Find them through:
What are some examples? Here’s a small selection to start exploring:

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