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Looking for an apprenticeship?

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Looking for an apprenticeship?
 Virtual WEX opportunities 

Getting work experience could be tricky for the foreseeable future, but there are some inspiring virtual (VWEx) opportunities around which let young people explore their career choices remotely. 

Look at this Smart Guide to Finding Work Experience and helpful work experience ideas produced by the NHS. 

And don’t forget the Parents’ Guide to Work Experience to see how it can make young people stand out in a competitive world– and keep them focused on their studies. 

Below, we’ve highlighted just a few of the latest school/college leaver apprenticeships at local and national employers.

Institute of Grocery Distribution (IGD) Virtual WEX 

Are you looking for careers advice, real world insights and work experience opportunities? Then join IGD to: 

  • Interact with industry professionals from employers like Coca-Cola, Cadburys and Tesco 
  • Gain experience and insights into a growing industry
  • Join fast paced and interactive sessions 
  • Receive personal feedback from industry professionals
  • Get a Certificate to add to your CV to stand out in the current tough job market. 

Find out more > 
JP Morgan are running a series of technology, finance and STEM virtual work experience days between June and  November 2021. Find out more > 

Europa Capital Property Work Experience Day Thursday May 27 - Meet business professionals online that work  in property, build a network, gain careers knowledge in this sector and understand how to apply in the future.  Find out more > 

Looking for an apprenticeship? Head over to www.gov.uk/apply-apprenticeship and search current opportunities. 

GlaxoSmithKlein GSK have many apprenticeship roles open now based at their Stevenage location. These include Lab Science (Biology) Apprenticeship, In Vivo Biology Apprenticeship and Lab Science (Chemistry) Apprenticeship - Find out more >

Deloitte Start your professional career now and bypass university. Get paid to learn and progress, gain real-world experience, and make your own unique impact from day one - Find out more >

KPMG has country-wide apprenticeships in anything from software engineering to auditing, starting in Autumn 2021 -  Find out more >

Halma Plc IT Systems Administrator Apprentice - Find out more >

Payroll Apprentice – Thame - Find out more >

Apprentice Nation offers free inspiration and training for anyone aged 16+. Apprentice Nation launched with a live show with top UK music artists on 22 April 2021. Following the live show, a series of webinars and on-demand videos will be live for 6 weeks from 22 April, full of useful career advice featuring content from artists and industry experts. Watch content and unlock exclusive rewards by visiting their website: https://apprenticenation.co.uk/

Keep checking for new VWex opportunities

New virtual work experience opportunities are being added all the time. Keep checking these free platforms regularly:

  1. Springpod 
  2. Speakers for School
  3. Pathway CTM via Eventbrite

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