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The Big Sell…You!

The Big Sell…You!
Don’t worry, you are not expected to put yourself up for auction on eBay. Read on for clarity and to find out why you need to be your own top salesperson!

When discussing future plans with students, we always consider something called their ‘Personal Profile’. This is who they are as a whole, not just their grades or their work experience, but their hobbies, passions, skills, achievements and more. In order to ‘sell yourself’ to a potential employer, university or training provider, it is important to start working on building your personal profile as soon as you can. How exactly do you do that? Well look no further as the following list will give you practical tips to ensure your Personal Profile shines more than your mate Danny’s post-breakup glow.


Now this is a tool for the very thing we are talking about – selling yourself- giving you an advantage with employers who are able to see exactly what you are about in a one page nutshell! No faffing, no guessing, just plain and simple. Almost like an online CV but with the ability for you to connect to millions of employers and institutions through it too. If you don’t have a Linked In, get one, you get me?


Long gone are the days of finding a networking event on Eventbrite and attending to talk to REAL LIFE people. Nowadays it’s all about the virtual networking. This one might be better if you’re a little older as it certainly takes some confidence, but why not search for networking groups in the industry you’re looking to get into and ask if you can join? Get to know others that are in your potential industry and use it as an opportunity to ask questions and gain insight. If you become part of one…advertise this on your LinkedIn! It shows dedication to your chosen career.

One-trick pony

Don’t be a one-trick pony and by that we mean, don’t JUST have good grades – good grades aren’t enough in these competitive times. Yes they are extremely important and will open doors for you, however, universities and employers are increasingly looking for individuals who have more than just good grades. Think hobbies, passion projects, volunteering, side hustles, mentoring, transferable skills etc. To name a few. Whatever you do, don’t try and do everything – burn out is real and especially during a Global Pandemic you need to take care of yourself – but why not explore one of these things a little further to really build that personal profile some muscle?

Stay up to date

Unfortunately we don't mean with Asos’ New In section (sad face). Knowing the industry/role you want to get into will hella impress any potential employers. Go above and beyond to research and stay up to date with the latest trends, emerging technologies and major changes to do with your chosen career and you just might impress their socks off.


Find one. Or be one. Being able to put on a virtual (Linked In) or physical CV that you are mentoring someone younger than you or being mentored by someone in a relevant industry to your chosen career shows motivation, dedication and lots of other impressive adjectives that make you sound excellent to potential employers or training providers.

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