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Year 12? Read This!

So, you've decided that University is for you - well done! But, with talk of UCAS, Open Days and Taster Days; what do you really need to know and do..? Here we give you'll the information you need to plan your next steps and get prepared for your exciting journey to University.

The real T is that Open Days are an opportunity for you to explore the University as a whole - the campus, the accommodation, the area etc. Taster Days on the other hand, are an opportunity to immerse yourself in the course you are interested in. They can even come in the form of short courses that are spread out over a number of days. Taster courses are provided by some universities and colleges to let you experience academic and social life on campus, before applying for a place. Getting onto a Taster Day can be a vital next step before applying to a chosen course and university as it helps you to decide if it is right for you.

How long do Taster Courses last?

Taster courses vary in length: some are one-day courses only, whereas others are held over a weekend, or sometimes over a whole week. There are also a number of summer courses available. You may have the opportunity to stay overnight on campus, and to meet lecturers and undergraduate students – while finding out what the course really involves.

What should I expect if I go on a Taster Course?

Most taster courses include lectures, discussions, and tutorial sessions. These give you the chance to meet departmental staff and get hands-on experience of the facilities. This can provide you with important insight into how the university or college works.

Taster courses also allow you to find out about the other side of student life, such as the sports, music, drama and cultural activities, and meet other people who share your interests.

What are the benefits of attending a Taster Course?

  • You are more likely to choose a course and university to suit your interests and abilities.

  • You can highlight your attendance in your personal statement on your UCAS application.

  • Or you may decide the course or campus is not the one for you, and decide not to apply there.

What is available locally?

There are a number of different ways you can search for a Taster Day. The website Uni Taster Days is a good start. In our area, Oxford Brookes have a number of upcoming days including the following:

Computing, AI, Motorsport and Maths: Wednesday 27 April

For those interested in Engineering, Motorsport, Mechanical, Automotive with Electric Vehicles, Computer Science, Cyber Security, Artificial Intelligence and Mathematics.

Exploring the breadth of the Biosciences: Wednesday 04 May

For those interested in Animal Biology and Conservation, Biological Sciences, Genetics and Genomics, Human Biology, Zoology, Biomedical Sciences, Medical Science and Equine Science.

Psychology in Action: Wednesday 04 May

For those interested in Psychology.

Architecture and the Built Environment: Thursday 05 May

For those interested in Architecture, Built Environment, Urban Design and Planning.

Power and Privilege - exploring social justice: Monday 09 May

For those interested in Criminology, Law, English Literature, History and Education Studies.

Lifecycle Nutrition Taster Day: Wednesday 11 May

For those interested in Nutrition.

Humanising the Future: Friday 13 May

For those interested in Law, Liberal Arts, Philosophy, Sociology, Communication Media and Culture.

Film, Music and Media: Monday 13 June

For those interested in Film, Digital Media Production and Music.

Make sure you book your ticket on the links above, before they run out!

For any questions please contact our School Liaison Team at: Schools.liaison@brookes.ac.uk

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